Photoshop: Create Text out of an Image

My favorite way to give any text a very custom feel is to cut it out of an image—usually a texture, print or pattern. It’s especially useful when you’re trying to brand a website but aren’t a coding whiz.

Cutting the text out of an image isn’t as daunting as it sounds. No actual cutting involved! Ready to give it a whirl?

Before we dive in completely, start a new project in Photoshop. Go to File // Open. Select the image you’ll be using as the texture for the text.

For this example, I’ll be using one of my branded stock photos that I originally purchased from Shutterstock.


The image automatically becomes the locked background layer. Let’s dive into the rest!

1. Create a text layer.

At the top toolbar, select Layer // New // Layer. This is where you’ll type the text you want to extract the background from.

2. Type your text into the new layer.

In the vertical toolbar at the left, select the Horizontal Type Tool (the capital T). Type your desired text. Don’t worry about the color since it’s not relevant here.

You can customize your font using Photoshop’s options or peruse Creative Market* to find one that complements your brand. In this example, I’m using Saonara serif typeface*.


3. Unlock the background layer.

You’ll now need to unlock the background layer. You can do this in the layers section to the bottom right of the image. Once you’ve unlocked it, the icon will disappear.

Notice how the text layer is still in front of, or above, the background layer. You’ll be moving it next.

4. Move the text layer behind the background layer.

Now that the background layer is unlocked, you’ll be moving it in front of the text layer. You can do this by selecting it with your mouse and holding it down while dragging it in front of/on top of the text layer.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll no longer see the text. Not to worry. The big reveal is next!


5. Press Alt and hover in between the two layers.

Hold down the Alt button, then hover over the line in between the two layers at the bottom right. A small down arrow and box should appear. While still holding the Alt button, click the arrow with your mouse.

Your textured text should appear and look something like this:


You can then crop it however you need, save it as a transparent PNG, and use it wherever you need!

*Items marked with asterisk are affiliate links. I only promote products I have purchased, used and loved myself.

Christina Ricci